Curvy is a shape, not size.

Hey there!

There is so much (often conflicting) information about dressing a curvy body shape, all over magazines and the internet. There are several blogs devoted to the same. Most of the advice given  is cliche -wear a belt, wear V necks, wear A line skirts, blah blah blah, *yawn*. Some are also impractical and clearly full of baloney.They talk a lot about patterns, lines, lengths and necklines. Way to over complicate things…

There are several problems with the kind of info you find in magazines and internet.

  1. Most of them use ‘curvy’ as a euphemism for ‘large’. Which serves no purpose but to make the term unnecessarily confusing. In the traditional sense, ‘curvy’ is a shape with a medium-large bust and hips, along with a slender waist. Emphasis on slender waist.  Curvy is not synonymous to sexy. Curvy is just, curvy.
  2. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who think you need to have a slender hourglass figure in order to be curvy. Again, wrong. You can be curvy at any weight . However, too slender: bust and hips are not pronounced. Too heavy: Waist definition is kind of blurred. Measurements, however, remain proportionate, and so does the difficulty of finding clothes.
  3. Curvy women have unique problems in finding clothing. Jeans gap at the waist. Tops are baggy around the waist. Frills make us look like clowns. I could go on forever.
  4.  None of these articles tell you the most important thing- the fit of the clothing, which should actually be the MOST IMPORTANT style tip!  I’m going to tell you why.

First thing you need to understand is, whatever weight/ size you are, if you are curvy, you cannot be skinny. You can be fit and toned; you can be slim- very slim, in fact. Just not fashion model- skinny.Naturally skinny people have a narrow frame. Narrow shoulders, narrow hips, small bust, small butt. They are just small all over.

We have medium-full chest and hips.  We may not like them at all times, but they are there, and they are there to stay. You know they do come with a variety of problems while shopping for clothes. It goes like this: you put on a size S t shirt. It fits your waist oh-so-perfectly, but it is way too tight around your bust and shoulders. So you buy the next size.  No luck. Still tight around the bust. Try next size. This time, it fits the bust and shoulders, but looks like a tent around the waist. And you look like a very wide, large, shapeless blob of a lady. *Sigh* Next, you buy a pair of jeans to go with the T. Repeat story.

So, what do you do now? It is pretty easy, really. Learn to alter the clothes according to your body type, and not vice versa. Measure yourself correctly. Wear the right undergarments- a proper lift is very important. Buy clothes that fit the largest part of your body (you may have slight variation b/w bust and hip measurements). Then alter the other areas with the help of a tailor. Or learn some tailoring yourself. Again, a well fitted bra: is the MOST IMPORTANT item in your wardrobe. Look for the smallest bands and the biggest cups.

That is the proper ‘fashion advice’ they should be giving us! Yes, every item of clothing needs to be altered like this. It may seem like a royal pain in the ass at first, but it is totally worth it. See, for one thing, wearing bigger clothes would make a curvy lady look heavier, thanks to those wide hips and shoulders. But more than that,  wearing fitted clothes can bring out that beautiful womanly silhouette and make her look every inch a bombshell!

Not all clothes need to be close fitted, however. Semi fitted clothing in soft fabrics that skim your curves will also work. This would be especially great if you have a little bit of extra flesh to hide, or dressing up for a casual day out with friends.

Also, nothing is more important than proper posture. Stand up tall, shoulders thrown back. Result: perkier bust, more defined waist.

You may have noticed that some curvy celebrities also look good in not so  fitted clothing as well, but you should understand that they are mostly very tall, and very slim (bordering on underweight), so an additional 5-10 pounds may not make one hell of a difference to their frames. But for a fun sized person like me (read 5′ 1″), it can create a ‘dumpling’ look . Also, not all of the celebrated “curves” are real (Padding and push ups, mostly). So it may not be wise to try to emulate them.

At the end of the day, you have what you have. Do not try to change/ hide your shape, embrace it instead. I mean, why not? Unless you are scared of exuding so much sexiness that walking down the road might create a traffic block… I see no point 🙂

Hope I made sense. Have a nice day!


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