For the love of curves…

I am not going to lie.I love curves. They are gorgeous. And there are different combinations to possess- you can be a little top heavy, a little bottom heavy or proportionately curvy. If you have a significantly smaller waist than the rest of you, you fit the description.

A lack of curves (pronounced curves, that is) is equally gorgeous too! Tell me you haven’t desired Taylor Swift’s legs even while hating the blatant sentimentality of her break up songs. Or that you haven’tcompared yourown  cleavage, rather enviously,  to those busty girls who carry a little extra weight in their upper bodies.

However, as much as I love the various body types, I cannot write authentically about  them all- simply because I have no idea! I have had a petite hourglass bodytype right from when I hit puberty (that is fifteen years and counting) and hence, that is the one shape I’d like to discuss.

Google the term ‘hourglass shape’. I can predict what you’d see- other than the old fashioned mechanical device used to measure time- a host of statuesque women, all perfectly proportioned, not a flaw in sight. hg hg

See what it is like? That’s what I’m talking about…

While both of the women above have gorgeous hourglass figures, we would do well to remember that not all of us are so genetically blessed, or in such good shape.

Some of us are heavier, some lighter, some shorter, some taller. And with these changes come differences in body type as well. For instance, being a petite hourglass, even with text book measurements (the age old 36-24-36), I consider myself slightly bottom heavy-because I have thick legs. A tall, curvy woman with a long torso may not find herself noticeably curvy if she is  on the slimmer side, because her ‘curvy’parts are spaced apart. She may even be able to pull off the clothes designed for straight figured models.

Every body is unique. There is not quite one like the other. But then, that is the beauty of being human…and of being curvy 🙂




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