The girl who eats

I think we have all heard about the curvy girl who eats, and the skinny one who doesn’t. The curvy girl is fun to be with- you can take her to dinner and buy her drinks, she is not vain but warm and homely, if you have her in bed you need no pillow. The skinny bitch, on the other hand, is overtly concerned about her figure, borderline anorexic, chic, fashionable and hot.

So much for stereotypes. That the body type of a person (almost entirely determined by genetics) can determine one’s personality should appear ridiculous to any sane, sensible person, but unfortunately, stereotypes like these have zero rationale and great staying power.

So, how much does the curvy girl actually eat? Does she  a gorge on Mc Donalds every week end and drink till her pants burst? Is her rotund derriere unafraid of an extra slice of cake or an extra order of fries?The truthful answer would be, NO.

Truth be told, I haven’t met a single curvy girl who hasn’t gone on a diet or put in some extra work at the gym at some point or other in her adult life. Because for us, “a moment at the lips” is “forever at the hips” and because bigger hips (and bust) make you look  larger (and curvier) in person- which is not considered fashionable in today’s thinness-obsessed world, We worry about our weights as much as women with different body types to ours, or perhaps even more.

However much we take care of our bodies, it is impossible for us to be ‘thin’. Here is a quote I found on the internet, that adequately explains my point :


Yes, that is about it. ( A gorgeous curvy woman, isn’t she? I noticed she also  completely negates her point at times, by claiming “gaining weight made me look like a lady” etc, but in this case, she is spot on).

So now that it is clear that the curvy girl doesn’t eat, drink or sleep more than what is normal and ‘healthy’, the question arises- does the thin girl ever eat, or does she live in a constant state of hunger and self deprivation?

Let’s face it, some people do have a naturally ‘high metabolism’. Maybe they are naturally more active or fidgety, or maybe they have more muscle and less fat than average people which makes them more efficient calorie burners.  More importantly, some people just have narrow frames and small bones and an inability to gain much weight. They are naturally skinny.

I am sure all of us have this one friend- be it a man or a woman, who eats like an sumo wrestler and looks like a runway model. He/she has a lot of trouble gaining weight in general- be it muscle or fat. ‘Rail-thin’ is what they naturally are, and they don’t have to work for it. Some may consider it lucky to be skinny, while some may consider it “unwomanly” (read ‘flat’). Not that it matters. Being skinny is just as natural as being curvy.

To come back to my original point, one’s appetite has little to do with how one’s body appears. You can eat like a horse and not gain a pound, or you can eat very little and still have extra large hips and round thighs. It basically boils down to genetics.

That is, the curvy girl eats, just as much as her skinny counterpart.



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